Agriculture and Local Food Economies in the Appalachian Region

Author(s): Ben Kerrick, Emily Sandusky, Brian De Corte, and Erin Hostetler
Author Organization(s): KK&P and Mass Economics

The Agriculture and Local Food Economies in the Appalachian Region report examines agricultural activity and local food systems throughout the Appalachian Region. Based largely on data from the Census of Agriculture, it provides a quantitative overview of activity taking place within Appalachia—how it compares to the United States as a whole, as well as the variation with the Region. This research also includes overviews and case studies related to seven emerging opportunities in the sector, information that will prove useful to Appalachian stakeholders interested in strengthening or developing their own local food systems.

Table of Contents

Case Study

Farmer Training Through Apprenticeship

Pasa Sustainable Agriculture, a Pennsylvania-based sustainable agriculture association, administers two apprenticeship programs for aspiring farmers in the region.

Case Study

A Collaborative Food Hub

Turnrow Appalachian Farm Collective is a West Virginia food hub that aggregates local agricultural products and manages logistics and distribution to customers.

Case Study

Cultivating Agricultural Innovation

The AgLaunch Initiative is a Tennessee-based nonprofit organization that connects entrepreneurs with farmers to support the development of innovative agricultural technologies.

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